Printed Wafer Paper

Love these vintage seed packet wafer paper designs that I picked up from Fancy Flours recently. I used flood consistency royal icing to cover the cookie, then applied the wafer paper using a food paint brush and corn syrup, then added the border with a thicker royal icing and a #16 tip.

Ok, so it’s pretty obvious that I have been spending quite a bit of time experimenting with sugar cookies lately (read this confession for the back story), but there are reasons why I’m trying so many different decorating techniques. I’m trying to hone in on what I’m good at and what I enjoy. And if I’m keepin’ it real, I gotta say, I have issues with these cookies.

First of all, they are HUGE. I probably should have added something to indicate scale, but they are approximately 4×5.5″. That’s a BIG cookie. Big cookies require a ton of flood icing. And no one wants to pick up a cookie this size and actually eat it. You could probably split it four ways and be perfectly happy.

Secondly, they took forever to decorate. After they were cooled from baking, I flooded them with royal icing. Then, you have to wait 12-16 hours before applying the wafer paper. So the next day I applied the designs. Then, you have to wait (overnight) for the paper to dry before added the border. So the following day, I had to get out the icing again and pipe the border. Wait overnight to dry. Finally, two years later, the cookies are ready to be packaged. The flood icing does a pretty good job of sealing the cookie so that it doesn’t go stale, but I would still like to package them away sooner.

The timeline looks like this, with a day in between each step:
Wafer paper.

Maybe I’m just impatient, but that’s a long time! I typically do not bake and decorate on the same day anyway… I tend to bake ahead of time and stockpile the freezer with cookies waiting to be decorated.

Printed wafer paper sugar cookies
I love browsing the Fancy Flours website, they have so many pretty cookie decorations. And my order was packaged beautifully, I love that type of attention to detail. These gold filigree designs with gold dragees also caught my eye, but they were also a bit time consuming.

Printed wafer paper sugar cookies
My conclusion? I will probably not be making cookies with wafer paper very often…. although it would be awesome to have a signature Weddings by Heather cookie with my logo.


  1. Jeannette says:

    ” although it would be awesome to have a signature Weddings by Heather cookie with my logo.” ummm yeah! That would be neat!

    I admire the patience you had to do these cookies. The 2nd ones are really pretty. If anything, I appreciate you sharing how time consuming these cookies are to make. But now I’ll know why cookies like that are expensive. That’s a lot of work. You did a beautiful job on both. And I’ll leave things like this up to you guys. It is not my cup of tea. ;)