Happy Groundhog Day!

These cookies hold a special place in my heart. One of my mom’s closest friends, Alice, made groundhog cookies ever year (by the tens of dozens) to give out as gifts and to cheer up friends and family during the cold, dreary days of February. She became famous for these cookies in her little town of Ohiopyle (husband Doug is the retired park ranger) and beyond. Click here for a little Alice history. This world lost an incredible woman when she passed away in 2010 as a result of cancer, and we lost a very dear friend. I adored Alice, she was such an inspiration.

Last year, I decided that, in honor of Alice, I will carry on her groundhog cookie tradition. I will bake these cookies every year in February and give them away as gifts, but this inaugural batch will be sent to her late husband and daughter. I want them to know how much we miss her.

I used white royal icing to pipe the eye, and a black food writer to color in the mouth and draw the smile.
Chocolate sugar cookie recipe: Glorious Treats
Royal icing recipe: Sweetopia
My adjustments: I added Kahlua, coffee emulsion, and vanilla bean paste to the cookie dough. It was incredibly delicious. I used Americolor chocolate brown for the icing color, and also added coffee emulsion, giving the groundhogs a wonderful mocha flavor. If you’re gonna eat a groundhog, it should taste good!


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