Mudslide Cupcakes

There are no words to describe the deliciousness of these cupcakes. If those words exist, I can’t find them. They are that good. Baileys and Kahlua together are an outstanding combination (in my opinion, of course).

Ella and I watch A LOT of baking shows, but most recently we became hooked on Cupcake Wars. As such, we decided we needed to conduct some experiments. This cupcake was our first and it was largely a success. I say largely because I did bake them for probably 2-3 minutes too long. If I would have pulled them sooner, they would be perfect. Click here to view the recipe from one of my favorite cupcake websites. We also decided to fill the cupcakes with chocolate ganache, because, why not?


  1. Stef says:

    Great idea to fill the cupcakes and they came out so pretty! Thanks for the lovely post!