BYOP 2014

We are so, very thankful for the beautiful weather that we enjoyed at our annual Bring Your Own Pumpkin Festival this year!

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First Day of School

First grade, wow!!

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Silky Chickens

June says, ‘why yes, I am a cute chicken.’ We are loving our little silky chickens! They are so fluffy I want to die!

228_3560Sorry I’ve been neglectful in posting… once homeschool ended for the year, I went straight into photographing weddings and teaching photography workshops. Check out my latest weddings and workshop offerings by clicking here.


Peep Peeps Love to Explore!

Dad recently created a gate on the brooder for the peeps to play outside.

Oh, these silky peeps are something else!224_7784

We have to keep an eye on Moo Moos Kitty.224_7819
This peep sensed his presence and the possibility of impending danger.224_7820
Fluffy was around the other corner, and even though he was watching the big chickens at this point, he was also keeping an eye on the peeps.224_7821

She LOVES these peeps and cares for them really well.224_7846 224_7882
The silky peeps are fluffy from head to toe and we can’t even stand it!224_7890 224_7898
It’s no secret that I love fluffy chicken behinds, but these silky’s take it to a whole new level. Help me.224_7902
Often times, if the weather is nice, we will sit outside after dinner and just watch them scratch and learn and play. Don’t laugh, it’s good, clean, family fun!
224_7917 224_7759 224_7792
Some of them prefer to stay in the safety of the brooder.224_7807 224_7822
I love you, little peep peep!224_7876 224_7770
They are fantastic (already) at catching bugs mid air, and they love stink bugs!224_7764

Meet the Peeps!

Humble beginnings.

Our peeps were incubated for 21 days and hatched on Easter Sunday.

We are fascinated with their feet.

And for good reason! Can you even stand this?!

I believe this silky peep to be saying, “I am dreaming of zee better life.” (Check out the egg tooth at the end of his/her beak. That’s how they perforate the egg shell to hatch. It falls off about 1.5 weeks later).

We just love the markings on this peep.

About one week old and they are already starting to get their feathers.

Trust me when I tell you: there is NOTHING cuter than peep peep nap time.

This is their expandable brooder. When they first hatch, they must be kept at 99.5° F, hence the heat lamp.